Finding the right Photographer in Goa for your wedding!

Choosing a good Photographer in Goa


Goa has a number of renowned wedding photographers and choosing a good Photographer in Goa can be a time consuming process. Here are the criteria one can follow in order to chose a good photographer for their wedding.

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Always ask your Photographer in Goa for their portfolio, this way you can get an idea of what style they are comfortable shooting in and also a brief about their work and how good that photographer is. Another important tip is to ask them for their rates and what packages they are willing to offer, this way you can allocate your budget for the photo shoot before hand.


Choose someone who is well versed with the place, someone who knows the place and can speak the mother tongue can be of huge advantage to your wedding photo shoot. A lot of times there are places that the locals living there know about, if your Photographer in Goa can converse with them and get the directions to these places she/he will bring value to your wedding album.



Where to have the photo shoot with the Photographer in Goa?

The tiny state of Goa on the west coast of India, known throughout the world for its famous beaches has so much more to offer. Apart from its beaches Goa has beautiful destinations which you can chose from. If you are looking forward to celebrate your wedding or even do a small pre wedding photo shoot in Goa always be sure to ask your Photographer in Goa to give you a list of these beautiful places before hand. These places offer some of the best backgrounds and make your photo shoot so much more vibrant. Some of the few places are;

  • Church Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception
  • Fort Aguada
  • Amboli Waterfalls
  • Fort Cabo De Rama
  • Terekhol Fort

When to do the photo shoot?

Just as choosing the right places for your wedding photo shoots is important in giving you a more vibrant album, the timing also plays a crucial role, when doing a photo shoot in Goa always make sure to discuss what time of the day you want your photos taken. Sun rise and sunsets are the prime time to get your photos taken as these times produce breathtaking hues of orange more commonly known in the Goan photographer community as ‘The Golden Hour’. When in Goa regardless if you’re there for a wedding photo shoot or a vacation, always make sure to use the Golden Hours of the day to your advantage as they provide the best of work.

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