Pandemic wedding in Goa not a bummer any more!

Planning a Safe Pandemic Wedding in Goa ?

When someone says the word Wedding in Goa, things like, a lavish reception, good food, music, large number of people coming together to celebrate the gift of two souls becoming one comes to mind and it brings nothing but joy and cheer to one’s mind. This year, however, has been tough on all of us and it isn’t easy to fulfill everything a person would want for their wedding with certain restrictions that have been imposed. Hence, an event planner has to plan a safe pandemic wedding in Goa in a manner that won’t overstep these guidelines.

1. Keep the guest list as short as possible for your Pandemic Wedding in Goa.

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This occasion is all about a couple who vow to share eternal happiness with each other and there is nothing more memorable than sharing that moment with close friends and family with unlimited blessings and good wishes. In order to have a safe pandemic Wedding in Goa, the number of guests should not outdo the limit specified by the government as social distancing is one of the main safety precautions to be kept in mind.

2. The proceeding of the ceremony has to be brief.

In this case, it is best if the event planner focuses and tactically avoids prolonging the ceremony by keeping it short and brief, in order to avoid mishaps with regard to overstepping the laid down guidelines. Celebrating the main proceedings of the matrimonial celebration and cutting to the chase will make the occasion a spectacular one.

3. Venue arrangements ought to keep sanitation, hygiene and social distancing in mind.

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The government protocols calls for  proper sanitation and social distancing. Seating arrangements and service process ought to maintain social distancing as this will help to avoid and risks with regard to Covid -19.

4. Sanitary measures for food arrangements.

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It is advisable that the people in charge of the food service for your Wedding in Goa, take precautions and follow sanitary measure to ensure the safety of the people and themselves. FSSAI guidelines ought to be followed by the staff. This will help in having a promising safe pandemic wedding in Goa without a doubt!

5.  Maintain a record of guests for a minimum of 21 days.

This will help in keeping a track of the health of the guests attending the occasion and can be of great health for future purpose in case any Covid related situation arises.

If you’ve decided to tie the knot and share the occasion with a gathering of your loved and dear ones, following these pointers is the right way to go to have a safe wedding in the lovely state of Goa. If you are thinking of where to find the right suppliers for your Pandemic Wedding in Goa, then you should just logon to

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